Mohawk Grrls Life
2001-10-21 16:57:47 (UTC)

Grannys House

Yeah, yeah. I ended up getting dragged to my grandmas house
again. I actually didn't have a bad time. A few comments
went around about how I am a rebel of the family... But it
didn't bother me too much because I was with my brother-in-
law most of the time. (the anti-socials tend to stick
together). We mostly talked about what is going on in our
life... and about some *geek* stuff. haha. My bro wants me
to live with him and my sister when I am 18. They live near
Ann Arbor. I would like it there, but I dunno... I wouldn't
want to leave my boi behind.

I actually spent some time with my grandma. She bought me a
new diskman because she heard my other one broke. How sweet
of her is that? I mean, she has all these medical bills,
then she spends $80 on me... I feel so horrible because she
is on an oxygen tank. I realized that I don't know what I
would do if the cancer kills her. Shes one of the only
people in my family that respects me. She said that even if
I was failing all of my classes in school she would still
be proud of me. She is even proud of me for being the
family rebel. She said that we needed a family rebel.
*smiles* She's the only one that makes me feel welcome into
the family, but shes not going to be here for much longer.
I can tell by the way she talks and by the way she looks at
me... What really disturbed me is when she said "if I don't
see you again, I want you to know that you have always been
my favorite grandaughter." ... everyone else in my family
is already dead to me except for my grandma, sister, and
brother in law. some don't want anything to do with me, and
most just live so far away that I barely know they exist...
God, I have to stop talking about this.

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