i need freedom
2001-10-21 16:47:24 (UTC)

i hate being stupid!

this weekend was fun but it was also disapointing.friday i
tried on bridesmainds dresses which was fun,but the dis
apointing thing was that im an ocward(cant spell)shape and
the dresses didnt fit.on saturday dan carlye rich and i
went 1st to the haunted house at expo then to the at
3sisters park.the 1st one was lame but the other one was
cool.when buying our ticket,we meet up w/ben mcallaster
(cant spell)and his friend,tom,was such a cutie
that now im ganna have a new 1 week obsession!!so we talked
and hung out the whole time.i held on to him when i got
scared(which was very often)!!we had a great time.but the
lines were 45minutes long and there were 3 took us
3hrs to get though the haunted house!by the time i got home
it was almost 12!!my parents were pissed!that was the
disapointing thing.if were went freshman it wouldnt have
happened so i cant wait for the yr to end.