thouhgts of Sam
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2001-10-21 15:16:50 (UTC)

what cartoon charcter would you like to be?

If you could be any cartoon charcter who would you be? I
know it sound weird but I think I would be Popeye. Even
though he is oddly shaped and has a terrible voice, he has
the mentality of me. He says "I am what I am and that's
all that I am." and to me that is the best thing to be.
Ture to yourself, if you can accomplish this other things
will follow, by being true to me I have found new
freindships with new people. We (being myself, my brother,
aum and james) have been spending our time with the most
wonderful of all the female species. they seem to be just
like us (for the most part) and we blend with each other so
well. I know that each one of us values the opinion of
each other so dearly and we couldnt go on if for some
stupid reason our group seperated back into the two groups
again. And also cause popeye always gets the girl in the
end, she's not that hot but popeye seems to dig her.

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