Long Gone Days
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2001-10-21 14:55:29 (UTC)

Dear Diary.....

Well, I lost the shitty job! Didn't see that one
coming.....I have to say, although it means less cash I'm
very grateful they made the decision for me. I hated it
there (see above entries for the proof!) I particularly
liked the way they ditched me.......after a day of doing
futile fucking things like cleaning fridges, washing up,
checking the same prices again and again, that had the
NERVE to tell me that they were disappointed that I hadn't
picked up more of the more difficult jobs! Like, I never
once got shown how to do any of them! Another classic
line: "We've had a little chat and we just think you're not
the type of person we want here - but it's nothing
personal, really it isn't"...well if that isn't then what
is? But it's all air now as I'm out, I don't care at all,
and I can now drink on Friday nights without worrying about
being up at 6 the following morning for the trek into the
city. Think that'll conclude my little spell of retail work
once and for fucking all.

But of course I will have to find something else...I'll
save that pleasure until after next weekend when I'm having
a break at home. I can't wait to get out of here. Pink
cloud has now turned to grey...

It'll be great to see my old friends at home, it'll be
great to see my family.