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2001-10-21 14:31:20 (UTC)

Another Quiet Day

Yesterday evening John and I dropped off Gavin at the high
school and drove on into Corvallis to go the library. I had
a number of books on reserve and I wanted to pick them up
before the reserve expired. When I checked out my books,
the librarian told me that a big truck had just brought in
quite a few new books so I have hopes that more of the books
I want are among them! The trip down Peoria Road was
lovely. The sun had just set over the hills and the sky
was pink. The light was muted and I saw that many more
trees are starting to turn color On the drive home it was
completely dark and I could see the large sliver moon over
the river.
I spent most of my day quilting on the Leap! quilt and I'm
nearly done. I want to finish and bind this wallhanging and
hang it up. I've decided that the next quilt to go in the
frame will be Millenium Garden. I finished the top almost a
year ago. It was the Patek BOM (block of the month) for
the year 2000. It's a great quilt with baskets, flowers,
birds and leaves and will be fun to quilt during the months
of November and perhaps December as well. It may take that
long. I've started this year's Patek BOM, Hospitality
Sweets, but I've only completed the first block.
I've also put together a list of my WIPs, UFOs and WTDs.
That's works-in-progress, un-finished objects, and
There was a letter in the mail yesterday from the OSU
admissions office. Owen has a hold placed on his file which
will prohibit him from registering for winter term classes
because the high school neglected to send them his final
transcript. I asked last June that they mail OSU one and
when I called a week later they assured me they had. Well,
if they did OSU never received it so I'll be going to the
high school on Monday morning to straighten that out. The
two younger boys also received their six-week grade reports
in the mail today and I was pleased that their grades
were mainly A's and B's.
Owen said he wanted to come home for the week-end before
Halloween so I made a haircut appointment for all three boys
for next Saturday. I'll also be baking Halloween treats
that week-end so he can bring some back to the dorm.
Gavin and Jessica went to the homecoming dance at the high
school yesterday and then to her house to watch a video.
John took some photographs of them before they went out.
John and I stayed up late watching the original Blues
Brothers. We still enjoy it although we've seen it many
times. Same with Animal House. Some films are just