my life...
2001-10-21 14:01:53 (UTC)

October 21, 2001

Sorry I haven't written in a damn long time everyone...A
lot of stuff has been going on...I have been really busy
too...This year has been really stressful...I mean all I
ever hear about is how I need to start applying to colleges
and how I need to raise my Act scores and how my cumlative
GPA can't drop...Personally though, I think that I have
been holding up better than I was last week...I know I was
a bitch everyone and I am sorry...This week I visited
Edinboro with my really good friend Erin...It is a really
good, laid back school and I think that is why I could fit
in there...It's in a really great location and it's really
pretty...especially this time of year with the leaves
falling and everything...They seem really knowledge with my
major and they have my program--my program being audiology and speech
pathology...I am pretty sure that I could get in
there...Miami though I don't really know...I want to be
able to go to classes wearing pajama pants and not having
to put on any makeup...but Miami's rep is excellant...who
knows what I am going to do...the only thing that has kept
me going lately is my amazing beau Scott and my awesome
friends, although I think the majority of my friends are
mad at me...I don't know what I did guys but I am sorry for
whatever and if u tell me maybe we can fix it... This
weekend has been pretty sucky but hey that's life right??
Last night I asked Scott to take
me home at 9:30--can u believe that?? I felt bad and all,
but my nose and head were killing me...I don't know what's
wrong..I probably just have a sinus infection...I will find
out today cause my mom is taking me to urga care...I don't
have time to be sick...there is way too much going
on...Scott should have come in and fell asleep with
me...cause as Tim said,"This best sleep you will ever have
is in someone's arms" awwwww that will probably be one of
the only cute things that I ever hear come from that boy's
mouth... I love Scott so though :( I don't
know...I had a bad dream where he told me that with us both
going to college we would both be meeting new peope--he was
like "you being around all of these new guys and me
surronded by fine girls...I really don't know I mean it's
kind of like we are holding back" *tear* well I guess we
will cross that bridge when we come to it... hummm well I
think I am going to go lay down for a while...ill try and
write ya all *Gina*