A day in the life
2001-10-21 14:00:19 (UTC)

a day in the life

for a long time my dad and i have been on eachother's last
nerve. We hardly even talk and when we do its as if we were
worst enemies. He's such a selfish person. He always
attempts to tell me differently. Last year, for example, he
cheated on his wife with an old highschool girlfriend.
He "loved" her so much and couldnt be without her *blah
*blah *blah so he uprooted my brother and I, left my
stepmom and my little brother in florida to go live with
this women in fucking wyoming!!!!!!!!!!! I dont know anyone
past the state of indiana. We knew no body. So we stayed
there with her in her house in the middle of no where for
about six months. Then my dad decided to that he had made a
mistake, picked us back up (after i had become very
involved in school a huge surprise to everyone considering
my total lack of school spirit in florida) and we moved
back to fl. My brother couldnt take the suspense of wether
we were going to move once again so he decided to move in
with my mom. Im sixteen years old and have moved 17 times.
NO im not a military brat. No my dad is not running from
the law... we just move alot. For various reasons most of
them having everything to do with my parents who are two of
the most selfish people that i know. Before we moved to
wyoming my dad and i had a really good relationship. Since
then its been all downhill. I lost ALL respect for him and
I didnt listen to anything that he said/told me. he was
always drinking, NONE STOP. I told him all the time that i
was worried that he was getting some of his old habits,
alcoholism. He would say that NO NO NO he isnt an
alcoholic, acloholics beat thier chidren.... So he kept
drinking, everynight getting wasted. Everyone in the house
was in denial about my dads drinking problem everyone but
me.I begged him to stop all the time but nothing seemed to
work. So finally i gave up. After my birthday, got a car
and wasnt so dependant on them i tried to keep the speaking
and asking for things to a minimum. My family resented me
for not being social. So i began to get really involved in
school with drama. in my free time I was at the library
reading or out exploring the beautiful country. My dad and
i used to go out to eat and do thing with just he and i. I
loved those times, they were so special.He took HER
instead. I would cry each time they left together. i told
him so many times how i wished we would still go places
together and that i missed our old relationship. He would
just tell me to stop being a bitch and hed consider taking
me out once in a while. I was such a wreck when i was
there, i doubted myself all the time thinking i really was
a bitch because my dad and brother always said that i was
so it must be true. When my dad told me we were moving back
i was halfway happy. I miss wyoming, the school i went to
and my animals that we had, the goat the horse, chicken and
my dog. Now my dad tells me that the reason we went to
wymoing was for my good. That he wanted me to be happy and
that his decesion had nothing to do with hisself. I try to
ignore him as much as possible. He can really be terible
sometimes. Yesterday he asked me if we could start getting
along better blah blah blah, long story short hes still as
mean as ever. I honestly tried to be nice.