A Private Place
2001-10-21 12:59:05 (UTC)


I have an anxiety disorder and for the past few months I
have learned how to control it and it is not easy
sometimes - believe it or not! I am learning how to
supress it when it needs to be managed by taking medication
and dealing with everyday issues. There are days I can not
sit still. It drives me crazy sometimes. Like yeterday,
it was just so hard to concentrate on everything that was
going on. I went to a friend's house where I could just
sit and see what was going on and have therapy of
relaxation with my friend's dog Zero - a rare, white German
Shepard (Did I spell that right?) Also Sero, making him
more unique is the fact of his size. He is bigger than
most German Shepards...TRULY! He is the size of two dogs
his kind, but yet he's gentle and friendly to new people -
at least to me but strangers he has to take some time.

Anxiousness is my cue to let me know some things have come
about as well. I think now I am past the anxiousness I
felt yesterday...thankfully!