2001-10-21 12:35:23 (UTC)

Ouch my knee!

I would have written a lot sooner but well I was playing in
a football game and one of my team mates feel into my knee
and I completely tore my MCL. I haven't been able to get
into the "computer room" until yesterday. it's been a
boring week. I have basically been stuck in a recliner
watching movies. This is fun for say...2 days and then you
can't do it anymore. But a lot of people came to visit me
and it is nice to know people care. M and A (two of my very
close friends) who were going out decided to break up a
couple of days ago and this is kind of hard on me too. I
enjoy spending time with both of them but I don't want to
make either of them mad. Both want to get back together
but... I don't know it is crazy. Yesterday I spent the
early afternoon with M and she and I went shopping for E's
(my girlfriends) birthday. then she dropped me off and A
and I went around and visited people cause we were bored.
We were trying to find ED (another one of my guy friends)
but he was with M at a football game for little people. so
I was trying to keep him off track because I didn't want
them to see each other right now because it is hard on both
of them. Today is E's birthday and I hope she likes what I
got her... I got her a sweater and this long sleeve shirt
that I think will look good on her. Do girls want to get
clothes as presents? I really couldn't decide but hey, I
thought why not get her something I ant to see her in you
know? Well I guess that is it till later days.