Charm's World
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2001-10-21 12:34:55 (UTC)

da di da

hie.. my secound diary today...well, i made my fren angry
just now..i feel lso bad..but i really didnt mean it...
maybe its becoz i really nad at that time..but i m greatful
that she did not mad at me.i m so glad that i have such a

i m really looking forward to go back to my home country..i
dont wanna stay here coz i think i m not used to the quiet
environment here! i wishi can pass all my subjects and get
trough everything...i wanna see him as soon as possible ans
i miss my familyu so much....

i m staying with 3 other housemates...we are all bout the
same age...well..2 of them are couple..very compatible
couple! jus thope they can get through everything and grow
old together...wish them all th ebst..

well the other housemate? its a she...she is 2 years older
than i m...but she is like our mother...sometimes i dont
like her veyr much compare to the couple but i know i have
to bear with it coz int his world..i will meet up with
different ppl..if i cant even manage the frenship now..i
will be in trouble!i promise myself to try my best!

see ya...take care