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2001-10-21 12:17:34 (UTC)

Daydream Believer

I cut off class the other day, coz I just knew I was going
to get a bad mark again at that particular subject...eek
My sister came back from a congress, and she bought the
cutest Harry figure ever! It's not an action figure from
the movie, but one of those older pieces of merchandise.
It's sort of plush, but not really, it's just soft
and "bendy", I guess, and it's part of a plush collection.
It's one of the old stuff, I know, because of the package
design, and coz he's still wearing a 'rugby shirt', instead
of the official movie uniform...I like it a lot! How come I
never saw one of those when I was in California??? (I want
one for me...bah)
I'm going to the mall today, to do some homework...yeah,
that's right, I have to study different shoe stores, in
order to find the concepts behind their corporate images,
and find out wether those concepts correspond to what's
inside the store, and the stuff they sell...blecch; but I
can't cut class anymore, so I guess I'll have to go
anyway...but I don't think this'll be my best homework ever.

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