De-Tet-aCh Memoir
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2001-10-21 10:17:45 (UTC)

Pseudo-birthday Bash

Sunday 21/10/2001

woke up at lunch as usual...then everyone i met started
wishin me a happy birthday..which was really weird cos it's
not my birthday yet??

zhaoming then reminded me to help him with some stuff at
4pm...of course , being so intelligent : P, i suspect what
was goin on... i was way wrong though : P...i first went to
sch where i met up with David..finished the Class diagrams
for the final report..then headed back..

4pm... zhaoming, yokeleng and huiwen came knockin... i was
thinkin they were just gonna lead me to the kitchen for the
irthday cake...way wrong..... instead...they hung some sign
on me and led me to Weir House...ambers' room first
stop...then some gal suddenly kissed me... must be the
words they wrote on my back.... not that i dun liked it : P

amber then dressed me up horribly... they placed clips and
roses on my hair...really messed it now i've
realied what was gonna to happen in horror... they're gonna
put me through some birthday torture!! yikes... i was made
to parade round Weir House..where people just grabbed me
and kissed me..both gals and guys...yeagghh...or they
kicked my ass...really silly : P...

landed up at ridzuan's room next... more decoratin on my
body..and he squirted water on my pants...fuckin crazy....
he hanged some "I want your seX" sign on my shirtt...then i
paraded around again...more birthday wishes and i landed up
in Ben's room now.. i was made to drink a whole bottle of to callum's room...this guy has the best
sound system ...he even has some beatss machine hooked to
his computer...way cool... i was made to play the bongo
drum and sang the birthday song to myself..while callum
recorded it...then he played some carribean style drum
music..and everyone sang the sone..all recorded and burnt
into a CD..really memorable...

next up to Prem's Room of Doom...really corny...i was
blindfolded and made to dance to some German heavy metal
music...while everybody watched.... not that i really get
so i played along : P

went down to the dining hall...for dinner at 5pm!! the
earliest dinner i ever had in Weir... there was a queue
there.soo they made me run through the queue where i had my
ass kicked and many birthday wishes....

dinner was good..and those who saw me in my silly attire
wished me the best...and kissed me...yikes.... i spent an
hour there gettin teased while having my food...

after dinner...we went to the office..where Reid was
there...he made me do pushups..tiring stuff..heheh.. we
then proceeded to ABHouse, Yossi's room where Suriyati put
mascara and lipstick on my face...yucks....

had a pseudo-arm wresting match with guy is
strong!!! he had to pretend to lose to me : P

next up was HanYi's room where i was made to wear a dress
and pose for photos...these guys are now..i
looked a complete clown....

we then proceeded back to ABHouse where we brought out
chips and drinks..while waiting for SeYan to bake the
cake..really touchin that they did all that for me... we
hanged around..chit chatted..showed them my photos..and got
their was a chilly yan finally
arrived with the "cake"..turned out it was a fake! made of
bread...they slammed the whole thing in to my was
really hot...what a messs...everyone was just laughin their
heads off...i had to wash my face again...

the real cake was gfreat! a mixed fruit cake and
a cheese cake... seyan's the chef man! everyone enjoyed the
cake and we took many more photos...zhaoming then performed
a song with his guitar..nick appeared as well... coolz....
and i opened my presents... they gave me a white all-blacks
polo stuff..DJ gave me a silver egg with "Success"
on it..while Kai gave me a magnetic fishing model..Ace gave
me a can of tuna!! hahahahah... great gifts..i was really
touched by their generousity...

we ate and cleaned up..then prem said they wanted to give
me a treat at Skyline i hanged around in my
room abit with zhaoming,nick,seyan,yokeleng,kai,DJ... the
gals were coerced to take some really silly photos with
me..while the guys kissed me on the cheeks...omigosh... i
must have OD-ed on that today...

met up with prem and gang later...and we went down to
Hell's pizza!'s this cosy pizza cafe at
Club Kelburn..all red-light inside.."Hell" they
treated me to pizza...andd we talked fore awhile before
headin back...

what an unbelievable day...i really appreaciate the great
length YL and gang took to plan for this
extravaganza...totally exceed my expectations...dunno what
i did to deserve this..but i'm sure gonna cherish this and
give them a treat when my real birthday comes!!

deRek...toally shacked out from this riotous weekend...