De-Tet-aCh Memoir
2001-10-21 09:46:21 (UTC)

Undies running to Bass Frontiers

Friday 19/10/01

Today was the last day of school..before study week starts
and exam week the following..yikes i have so much to catch

i went around takin as many photos as possible during the
lectures and tutorials... my lecturers were all quite
obliging that's really cool.. was the Weir House Annual Undie Run!!!
hahaha...bascially,,the guys and gals stripped down to
their underwear and run through every corner of Weir was hilarious!! one guy just wore a sock on his
privates...toally gross...but i took photos
nevertheless....insane fun.. : P , DaiJian and Kai went downtown to walk
around... we endedup at Real Groovy, this ultra-cool
giantic 2nd hand CD shop down cuba street.... it's really can get a recent CD for only like NZ$6!!
that works out to be less than S$4 for a full album..and
the disc quality was quite good too...a real bargain...i'll
be sure to check out that place again b4 i leave...

1am .. it was Studionine's 3rd birthday
Luke,Kunal (his flatmate) and I decided to hit the Bass
Frontiers session again... music was really was
really crowded!!! we danced to whole night was
such fun dancing to the monstrous beats of D&B... the best
bit came when the DJ played a really cool (and familiar,..i
cant put my finger on it still) track... Luke and I just
went crazy..we were tryin to synchronise our steps...really
silly...but the energy was so's hard to has to experience it himself... ; )
we left the club around 6am... my 3rd all-nighter !!hehhee
Luke left for work while Kunal and I walked back to our
flats...Kunual lost his I helped him search for
it...did not find it the time i got back to my
room.i was so exhausted that i just changed T-shirt and
plopped onto my bed...slept till lunch...

more to come....