worthless lil painslut

my submissive life
2001-10-21 09:26:28 (UTC)

please may i cum

i sit at the computer until all hours of the night hoping to receive an email from you. i know i cannot cum without your permission and i have no way of asking you except through email. As i sit here writing i have a long plastic spoon tied tightly in my mouth, holding it open and making me drool down my naked body. Across my tits i have written "painslut" and on my stomach "whore" "worthless" "cunt" and "dog." For hours i have been torturing my tits, placing clothespins in various places, hanging extremely heavy weights from my nipples and swinging them around. i have applied toothpaste to my ass and cunt making them sting cruelly. i have also placed clothespins on my clit and pussy lips. All this suffering and it appears i will not be allowed to cum tonight.

Still i imagine what it will be like to take orders from you. You sound so severe and sadistic. i am eager to hear from you again. i imagine you will make me smear my juices under my nose so i have to smell my own cunt. Perhaps i will have to pee in my panties or bathe in my urine. Maybe you will make me crawl while wearing weights on my nipples. You will make me stand in the corner like a bad little girl, eat like a dog, and shove strange objects into my pussy. Maybe i will even have to sleep with a long object sticking out of my ass. You will call me offensive and degrading names. You will have me fashion a collar for myself. i will be forced to spank my ass painfully everyday. i will have to masturbate in my panties several times a day and not allowed to cum. i will learn new and creative ways to torture my pussy and tits. i will be made to chat with you while drinking large amounts of liquid and not be allowed to pee. Oh so many evil things you will do to me.

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