Charm's World
2001-10-21 09:04:52 (UTC)

my first diary!

well well...this is my 1st page of diary...i found this
when i was playin my whore game...

nothing much to tell...except..i really get bored of some
wan named kok leong..he is such a jerk...hate him 100 times
in my life...well, dont misunderstood, he is not anyon i
love or anyone i admire. he didnt do anything bad to me
either, its jjust that his attitude and makes me hate him.
dont say i m childish..i m not, after knowing what he done
to my fren. its a long story!

my secound ex looked up for me yesterday, i nvr expect him
to massage me as i thought he is in my ignore
list...unfortunately, i m using the library computer. i was
curious bout whether he has a gf,,,but the answer from him
is 'no'. i was like kind of happy but i knew this is not
the way. myself have a bf, he is my 1st ex...i really hope
all things goes on well, i dont wanna end up breaking up
with him either, the reason being is that i truely love
him. i dont wan thim to leave me anymore!

well...20 days to my going to be a hard time
for me..this is my final final, got wat i mean?? this is my
last final exam.i m so happy as i can get rid of
memorizing books...but more on understanding...anyway..i
will return to study after gaining few years working
experience in the working force...i will definitely do so!

alrite! that's all for today!