2001-10-21 08:06:00 (UTC)


What is it that makes a person attracted to another? Is
it their looks,yeah sometimes it is.But sometimes its a
deeper charm.Such as the way a mans jaw moves as he chews
his gum.Maybe its the way the corner of his lip turns up
when he laughs.The way he sticks his hands in his pockets
and his face flushes when he is embarrassed.The look he
gets in his eyes when he sees ,he has made you smile.Maybe
its the way he holds his cigarette,brings it to his lips
and draws,exhaling letting the smoke billow around his
head.The way he holds his drink and rotates his
wrist ,letting the liquid shift around the glass.The way he
stands ,as if on a pillar in the center of the room ,for
all to admire.A captivating smile or the gestures his hands
make .But sometimes its just who the person is and how they
make you feel,as simple as that.