Alex's Angel

Glendochka's New Bubble
2001-10-21 07:19:53 (UTC)

ahhh ... i found my bliss....

i had just painted my nails black (i did that yesterday),
and for some reason, it somehow makes me feel good about
myself. i mean it doesnt look that good (since im really
not good at painting my nails), but i love it.

but its not just that. it also makes me feel good wearing
lots of black eyeliner and black eye shadow. and also
wearing lots of black clothing. it doesnt exactly look nice
cus im fair-skinned so it doesnt compliment my colour, but
i dunno. it makes me feel .... relaxed, it makes me feel
good about myself.

i went drinking tonight. actually i just got home. it felt
so good. im still buzzing a bit, and my fingertips are
still feeling a bit numb. i love that feeling. feeling
numb. its been a while since i've felt good....

its pretty sad that i need alcohol to be happy....

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