point of sadness

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2001-10-21 07:04:35 (UTC)

....i feel your lips, i taste your skin, i hold you close, i breathe you in....

Dear Journal,

The last two days have been incredible for me. I am in
love w/ this girl so much that I feel like I'm going to
burst. I can feel myself falling in love w/ her. Last night
we made love, and it was just that. Love. Such a complex
feeling that invokes a lot of clashing emotions deep in my
subconscious. Everything about last night was incredible. I
wouldn't have cared if we did nothing at all. As long as
I'm w/ this girl I'm happy. I've never felt sincere
happiness in my entire life and she makes me happy. I want
to spend the rest of my life w/ her and I've known her just
over a week. I couldn't have made love if I didn't feel for
her so strongly. It was my first time and it really meant a
lot to me. In the middle of making love she told me to look
down. "Isn't that beautiful", she said, "That's us". I felt
like crying right there because it was.........beautiful.
She described it perfectly and I will never forget that.
I'm living daily life waiting for the next chance to see
her. I know that she loves me too. She told me last night
and it made me feel so wonderful. Everytime I hear her say
that to me my love for her intensifies. She absolutely
adores me and I reciprocate these feelings totally. I've
never felt a love so complete in my entire life and I will
never need to search for it anymore. She's worried that I
may fall in love w/ someone else and she will lose me. I
couldn't love someone like I love her already. I just wish
that she could see into my heart. Words are by nature
inconsistent and fallible, but the heart can't lie. Then
her fears would be rested. That's all for tonight.