My Crazy Messed Up Life
2001-10-21 06:23:38 (UTC)

Crazy Shit

This is probably going to be short for two reasons. #1,
it's 2AM and I'm tired and #2...I'm really drunk. We just
got home from the Industry, Big Sugar was playing...they
were really good, as usual! I'm pretty intoxicated. And
guess what...i saw a dude from the past, a trick i guess
you could say...I saw him walking around by himself and I
was like holy shit...what's he doing here..(we met in
Toronto)...Teresa asked me what was up, so i told her that
i fucked the dude that just walked by and blah blah a few
years ago...and she was like wow....then to make things
even more crazy the dude ended up being the lead singer in
the band that opened for big sugar...crazy that's
why he was here from Toronto. He came up to me and asked me
if he knew me from somewhere, I kinda played stupid, but
then he finally figured it out. It was a little
uncomfortable, soooo I just kept drinking and drinking to
get him off my mind...and now here I sit drunk and alone
just blabing on...I have to go to bed, I'm soooo tired...I
just pray that when i lay down my bed doesn't spin :)
drunken lil' me ;)