the lilfe of a very confused person
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2001-10-21 06:08:45 (UTC)

just another day

well i was out till 130 tongiht and not much happend,
just crusin around. i have officially stoped smoking
yeah its all gone it was bad for me an di feel better
since i have stoped, it has helped me relize life a little
bit clearer.

ummmm .... nothin new in my love life still like sara but
im not sure what to do.. and i still really like courtney,
but i think taht our friendship has turned more twords
just frinds but im happy for that, and i hope that some
day when she is single things will go my way. becasue
i feel there is still a flame and there always will be....
well i chilled with a new person today named amy.. she
is pritty cool while they were smoking in the car
courtney and i had some time to talk an i liked that... i
fell asleep in my psat's i really needed more sleep i
really wont do that next time i have to get atleast 8 hours
to take a test. i fgot my interums back and i am doing
good in school, hopefully since i have stopped it will
continue to go up. i have to work tommoorow around
ten so i will have enought sleepo for it finally. i had my
first probation meeting on wednesday and i scared me
shitless, i had to tell him in foront of my mom that i
smoked marijuanan that was SOOO freaky , but as i
said i quit and i have to ... well i chilled with tyler and
trevor today ... i got to drive a mustang oh my god was it
great i lovre those cars..listing to bob marley righ tnow
just writing in my diary.. well i hope my love life evolves
in to a relationship that i can have i really like these girls
and i hope that it will work out with one of them.
hey something really strange happend this past week i
found out that one of my friend was going out with
another one of my friends... i know it doesnt sound
weird but in this case it was,,, if some one reads this
and wants to find out about what im talkin abut they can
just ask me in feedback

i really wan t apet for my rom i think im going to get a
trancula you know the spiders anyways im sure you
really wanna know that...i think im going to stop all of
my bad habbits and hopefully my life will become better
omg sparkey your wonderfull and i want you really bad
you just dont understand it.,, only you will understand
this and hope someday you will be mine...well im
getting tird so im going to go to bed now its 2:08 on
october the 21st in the morinin peace im out

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