Wikid Wayz
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2001-10-21 06:05:48 (UTC)

For You

I would have died for you.
But all I ended up doing way crying.
I would have given you the moon and stars.
I know I could have captured them, somehow.
But you didn't want what I offered you.
Instead you reached into my soul
And took what you wanted from me.
You left me there, an empty abandoned shell,
Hopelessly, desperately, longing for you.
All the while knowing it was a fantasy.
But dreams are so easy to live in sometimes.

I'd hold you, and never let you go,
And listen while you told me how much you loved me,
And you said you'd always be there,
And you'd never want anyone but me,
And I said I'd always feel the same way,
And....Oh wait, I'm back in reality now!

I would have died for you, you know.
All I ever wanted was your love.
But all you ever gave me were your lies.
And the only thing that died....
Was my love for you!

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