Wikid Wayz
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2001-10-21 05:58:12 (UTC)

Keep Dreaming

Could it be true?
Is it real,
Or just my overactive imagination
Taking over again?
Are you my destiny?
Is that what I feel?
Is it what I see in your eyes?
I do love you,
That much I can figure out for myself.
But is this fate?
Is it everything I heard
In childhood fairy tales?
Everything young girls dream about?
Are you that knight in shining armour
We're always so sure will never come?
They fill our minds with all these hopes and fantasies
Then tell us that we dream too much.
I don't think I dream too much,
I just don't think that true love
Should be some far off forgotten fantasy.
So I want to know if it's true.
Are you really the one?
Are you all my hopes and dreams come true?
Then I sit back, and I think....
I think about everything I've gone through,
Everything I've experienced, everything I've learned.
I think about all of the reality I've seen,
Without ever witnessing even a trace
Of a children's fairy tale coming true.
And then, my thoughts all turn to you,
And I tell myself....

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