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2001-10-21 05:17:35 (UTC)


It is unfortunate that you can know someone, some family,
and each person in it, for 10 years, and always have
maintained a constant unwavering mutual respect of a level
higher than you typically encounter - and then have the
actions and misinterpretations of one create a chain
reaction by which a mutual hatred is established - though I
can't say I do actually recipricate so I'm not quite being
accurate, am I...

I would think it evident that the aforementioned ten years
of experiencing one another that at the very least an
inquiry as to the alleged evidence be an obvious reaction -
but instead, dispite long enduring evidence to the opposite
effect, I am simply convicted as malicious without question
or investigation, nay even inquiry.

Where speaketh the voice of reason, once an admired trait
in this family that I still find so incredibly difficult to
not think of warmly (though in doing so I find I execute
some inexplicable form of personal injury onto myself).
Where are the rational virues I've known and admired
alongside their diverse personalities and various other

I see nothing but prolonged emotional domination so
sharpened that the logic has suffered injury, nay it can't
seem to speak at all in its current state. Yet I think
warmly of them and continue to wish them well - yet perhaps
in terms and locations that do not include mine own, least
for the next year or so.

Thus I repeat - do well, enjoy life to its fullest - we
live for other people, and you taught that to me(or at
least reinforced that in me). I really do believe it. But
if you must slander, insult, accuse, and convict me while
at the same time denying me a voice or self-defence and
also wish to deny your own foreknowledge of my character
and its inability to do as you accuse, then you suffer from
an innability to interpret the world accurately - at least
in this finite instance. Since I am not a willing punching
bag for this form of psychoticness, as it may be reffered
to in the clinical text-book sense, I can only remove you
and your influence from my immediate life - thus can only
wish you well from afar. I have never faltered in my
intentions and support for you, and am not about to be
forced to. I just don't work that way, even if it's in my
best interests, or at least convienient, for me to do so

My feelings toward you have changed in no way other than
proximity. I hope someday you see that.

- Brian