Electric monkey
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2001-10-21 05:02:52 (UTC)

10-19-01 [BOO!]

eek. yeah the harrodsburg Hauted house was scary. yeah. now
my throat is kinda weird feeling from screaming and what
not. standing in line was even scary. heh. stupid ICP clown
guy kept harrassing me and jessica, but no fear, we just
hid behind graham and ben like 2 lil scared chipmunks. heh
heh.... fun fun. scary scary, also. i always have a good
time at those things, even if im a wuss. yep.
then we all took a lovely trip to bedford. that was so fun!
we went to walmart and a food place. and looked at guitars
through the window of sam goodies. yep. we even saw a cute
little mouse. so cute.. running around the sidewalk area of
walmart. hehehhe
im tired.. and my tummy hurts. going now. bye

haunted houses are neato! i had a very enjoyable evening if
i do say so myself. even if a couple of guys at walmart
were driving by and saying stuff to me and jessica. "yo
ladies, whats yo name?" uh, yeah. night.
ps-ill write more about the haunted house tomorrow or the next day.