My Life Story
2001-10-21 04:54:34 (UTC)

My day

I've had an awesome day today. Well, actually just a really
good weekend in general. After the football game last
night, I went to cw's (like usual) and then went to a hot
tub party. It was great. My friend had to dog sit overnight
so a few of us went over to the peoples' house with her and
spent the night there. Then this morning I had to wake up
at 7 and come home and take a shower. Then a few of my
friends and I planned a surprise birhtday party for our
friend E. We picked her up, took her to one girl's house to
do her hair and makeup, took her out to lunch, went back to
the house for cake and ice cream and had presents. It was a
lot of fun. When I got home I was trying to clean my room
and then one of my friends called. It really caught me off
guard, but it was a really nice surprise! I was really
wanted to talk to him, but then two of my friends showed
up. We hung out here for a little bit and then we drove
around and visited people. Then as soon as I got home from
that I went to another one of my friends' houses and we
went out and bought pumpkins and then came back and carved
them and watched Billy Elliot. It was a lot of fun, but
that was by far the STUPIDEST movie i've ever seen. Well, I
feel like there's a lot more I should be saying but since I
can't think of it right now, I'm gonna go to bed. Later.

~Daria :)