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2001-10-21 04:06:55 (UTC)

Well, It's sweeties day,

So should I :0( or :0)?
I really don't know. My sweetheart is far, far away.
So I guess I should frown. But how can I when the thought
still involves him? I guess I should smile since he's the
sweetest guy in the world. Although I have no contact with
him. So, all of a sudden, where have all the smiles gone? I
bet I'm just some girl that's far, far away. He prabobaly
has someone where he is at. I wish I were there, with him.
Maybe then we'd know what we are really like. Cause-I don't
know. Maybe he was high when he talked to me so sweetly.
That would explain why he hasn't come on line lately. I
check all the time. I'm so tired of looking up on my
buddies list and not seeing his name appear. Although, it
is the weekend, and he is a grown man. (Why should I be
kidding myself, I'm just a kid, he'd never really care
unless there really be something wrong.) But when I talked
to him, he was feeling better than ever. Maybe he only sent
me the letter to have someone he knows in Chicago. (When he
comes.) Most things point to say that he's just doing this
out of some wierd sense. I don't know what that sense is
though. There's another sense, I call it women's intuition,
that tells me to just erase everything I wrote and write
nothing, nothing at all. Cause I don't think I 'm making
much sense. I should quit doubting. I like him, and he
likes me. He's just bussy that's all. (As I should be.) I
have so much homework. I don't wanna do it though. I
literally can't stop thinking of him. I mean really. Every
night I go to sleep I think of him, and he's the first
thing I think of when I wake up. I think I'm obsessed. If
we are an idol, and I hope not yet, I hope I get the part
of Roseline, in Romeo, Juliet and Hamlet too. I'd have to
kiss this guy, but I don't know who. I hope it's the one
that I got a call back scene with. He was this cute short
Asian dude. I grabbed him by the neck and pulled him
backwords ( while he was almost completely laying on the
stage behind us.) in the pretend kissing scene. (I liked
his spikes.) When is he gonna get online? I can't take this
anymore, damn please. I atleast hope he'll be here tomorrow.
Oh my god, I'm going insane!!!

- Amnesia
(at the point of insanity
caused by males.)