The many thoughts of Ann
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2001-10-21 03:30:03 (UTC)

man u must think i'm weird

ok so here it goes
i must have mentions about 8 different guys but i am gonna
mention another one!
about luke girard and the whole bag thing! well i think he
was just being nice cuz at some party he was making out
with some girl! anywho there is this guy jeff who is in my
geography class and is a year older. i didn;t really talk
to him uuntil the rugby tournament and after that we were
at school waitin for the girls team to come back and we
talked for like 2 hours. and he was so cute and i think he
may like me. but heres the thing! my best friend really
likes him too!!!! i know its horrible! but i found out that
i like him too and i dont know wut to do! i mean i told her
and she didn;t seem really happy but i dont want it to turn
into a war about who gets the guy and she doesn;t really
have a high self esteem so she already thinks that i am
atomatically gonna get him and i feel so bad! ahhhh wut am
i gonna do