Blood and Chocolate
2001-10-21 03:17:04 (UTC)

New bras , panties and prince for me!

Hey everyone
Sup ? Not much here ! Last night was such a blast , tonight
was a blast ! Ahhhhh ! I am having the best weekend
possible ! haha!kati spent the night last night and we made cookies
at like midnight ! haha! Today I went bra and panty shopping.
I got my dress stuff for the wedding next weekend ! =) it was so
fun ! Ok well tonight my guys (varsity soccer team) won their game
and are conference champions and my brother scored ! and now
they are off to take State . And Chris came to my brothers
game so I gotta to hang with my boyfriend ! Which was totally
cool ! Everyone keeps telling him to make a move and he
hasn't which I think is totally cool ! Cause we are taking
it slow, holding hands and arms around waist , to start . He is a
total prince ! So polite and such a sweetie and so cute and so
warm ! I was freezing and he put his arm around me and was like
rubbing my side then he asked " is this ok with you? cause
I know you have been hurt before ." awwwww how sweet ! I
was like " Yea its perfect " and I was thinking ' he is so
perfect, I trust him cause only a handful of guys are that
sweet and caring ' !!!!! He has a hockey game tomorrow and
I think I am going to go to it ! Maybe, I have to talk my
mom into it ! Cause tonight she saw us and kinda spazed out
on me ! I am so dead tired and I need to go talk to the
soccer guys who are here cause they are calling me to come
downstairs ! I gotta bounce !