U think u know, but u have no Idea
2001-10-21 02:50:46 (UTC)

Fall Family Fair/ Homecoming game

today was really fun, the highlight of my day was jeff
clapacs, the awsomely hot JR, heehee,(for ur info I'm in
8th grade) he was like totally checking me out and staring
at me, it was soo much fun, lol ok well heres other stuf
that happened

I had to work at the fff, and my shift was like an hour,
andf the person who was supposed to work w/ me DIDN'T SHOW
UP FOR 45 MIN! so I was a lil pissed, but then I got to
leave and I hung out w/ kt, then SHAINA showd up, and she
made me hang out w/ her HB friends. it was ok, they were
really nice to me as usua;y (even though I really don;t
think they like melol) I like nora though, she's really
nice,and katie horner too (even though I heard she's
usually a bitch) and pearce is ok too, a lil vapid, but who
isn't at an all girls privet school
then I went back and found out megan and stewart arn;t
talking to each other.. lol, it 's over the dumbest thing,
he told kt and emma that they went to 2nd (like it's a big
deal) and they didn't, then megan got pissed and they
didn't talk to each other the whole time. billy was being a
lil annoying, he wanted me to ride the "rocket", but I
didn;t want to, and like 5 girls had on the same shirt as
me, but everyone knows it's MY shirt and looks the best on
me, and I was the first to wear it anyway. but anyway we
went to the varsity homecoming game, we won 40- nothin,lol
and stewarts bro looked so good, damn he looked extra fine.
and then thats when jeff came over and was like staring at
me, i was like" i know u like me"lol then i went home, the
game was fun
ohh yah a walton story
ok I was walking with shaina and liv and we were coming up
to walton. i was like hey walton. and he was hey, how r u I
was like fine, and we were on a dirt road so there was a
lot of space,but when he passed, he turned his body
torwards mine, and my boobs rubbed up againts him,lol (but
i didn;t do it on purpose) but anyway gtg I know this is
really long, i just sorta went off on a few tangents