Hannah Rose Cherry

Hannah's Screwed life(go figure)
2001-10-21 01:59:20 (UTC)

i hate this!

Y is it that whenever i find the most perfect guy, the
hottest guy, he ither lives in a diff state or i waited to
long to give him my number and he already left. today i saw
the hottest guy in the world, i have never seen a hotter
guy. he was warring long black baggy pants and a long
sleeve hooded shirt with the hood up. he was soooooo hott.
i'm verry atracted to goths by the way. he had blue eyes.
and he smiled and waved at me, i cant bileve it! i waved
back at him and smiled. omg i was soooo happy, but befor i
got a chance to talk to him he had left. i cant bileve it.
whever i get the oppertunity i never take advantage of it.
i cant bileve i missed out on the hottest guy i have ever
seen. this sucks, i hate this!

current music: bubba sparxx-"ugly"

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