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2001-10-21 01:37:24 (UTC)

October 20, 2001 So much has..

October 20, 2001

So much has been going on lately. I wrote a really long post
about everything a few days ago but the computer bombed
before I could post it. Yeah, I was not happy! Basically,
Brad started to eat meat again which really bothers me. He
was so into the vegetarianism thing this summer I dont see
how he could just dismiss it like nothing. Its like he was
being completely fake with me...

Today Jenn called me asking if I wanted to go to Saunders
Farm tonight. She said that Justin was looking for people to
go. I said it sounded cool... so I gave Justin a call. He
said that he wasnt sure if he would get the car but he would
contact me later. Well, I heard from Rachel later on that he
didnt have enough room. It was either me or Brad.
Apparently Justin wanted me to drive up with Brad in my car!
AS IF! Justin said that I could go with him after I made it
clear that I was not going with Brad.. but I was like
whatever! And told him that he might as well just take
Brad... I know that he would rather go with him anyways! I
was kind of pissed- theres more to the story but thats all I
feel like sharing right now.

I spent the entire afternoon raking leaves today. After all
my hard work dad was still being a prick. I did ask if I
could take the car to Saunders Farm (an hour away) and he was
being an ass... I give so much and he just takes and takes.
At least, thats how I see it.

Im sore. Cola really makes my body ache. I cant really drink
it anymore. Not even stuff like Orange Crush and Sprite!
Sucks. Oh well, its bad for me anyways.

I dont feel well right now... mentally and physically.