What are you, some kind of Adrien?
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2001-10-21 00:29:17 (UTC)


So I'm wearing a black shirt, dark brown makeup, blood red
lipstick, and my hair is all..loose and stringy. I'm pale,
but all this makes me look paler...dead even. I love it.
This is so the makeup I'm wearing for my Halloween costume.
It'll go great with my black and silver dress.

I'm trying to find someone to make plans to go out and do
something tonight with, but everyone's busy. Most everyone
has this concert thing to perform at. That's
understandable, but some of them don't and they're
all....ignoring me! Way *not* to include Katie guys.
*sighs* And I really doubt Jonathan will want to do
anything, so why ask him?

I went to the hospital to visit Kayla's friend Stephanie
with her. She's cool. She had to get her jaw broken and now
it's all, wired shut. Braces suck. I hope it never happens
to me. I really hope it doesn't. I'd hate not to be able to
eat. Well, she can eat, but only liquids, and that sucks

So the teleboards are down *again*. Dime sucks major ass. I
don't know what the hell he's doing with the boards, but
IMO they don't need to be done.

So, this diary is getting...repetitive. I need to do
something productive and unusual to put in here. I
know...I'll go get pregnant.'s an awful idea.

Anyways, that's about it today. Write again later. Someone
leave me a note! *pouts*