What Would YOU Do With a Drunken Sailor?
2001-10-21 00:15:40 (UTC)

Too immature?

*Note: taken out of my RL journal, word for word*

Since when does age equal maturity? I want to see Moulin
Rouge because it looks cool, not because I want to see some
woman's bare shoulders. That bitch who claims to be my
mother is objecting to it because I'm 12 and it's PG-13.
Oh, wow, a year. That makes all the difference in the
world, doesn't it? You want to know what the movie is rated
PG-13 for?
Taken from 'Fruit salad shaped like a
woman's breast.' Since when does anyone CARE what shape
fruit salad is?
'Champagne bottle squirting suggestively.' Okay, I hate to
say to this, WHAT THE FUCK?! Does it run its nonexistant
hands over its curvy body and moan, 'Oh, squirt, baby,
squirt. My fridge or yours?'
'A man is seen shirtless.' News flash: I see shirtless guys
almost every day. You could probably find shirtless guys in
G-rated flicks, too. Nothing about it is mature.
She says that anything above a 4 rating is too high, and -
what a coincedence - it's 5. I bet that if it was 6, she'd
say anything above 5 is too high. It's so convenient, it
makes me sick.
Another news flash: I'm more mature than all my classmates
combined. The dictionary defines mature as 'Highly
developed or advanced in intellect, moral quality, outlook,
etc.' Intellect - check. Morals - check. Outlook - check.
Three out of three, yet I'm STILL too immature to see it.
Nowhere in the review does it say 'A gigalo and a whore
strip in the street and have uncensored sex for over half
the movie.' In fact, the worst thing in there is cleavage.
Third news flash: I've seen cleavage before. I've seen
myself naked before. The female body doesn't come as a huge
shock to me, because I see the same thing every time I get
undressed. Uh oh, Mom, better glue me into a sweater and
long pants, because heaven forbid I see any skin! The

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