Home Ice World
2001-10-20 21:13:26 (UTC)

Saturday was a worst day - but I am the stronger animal in my big city

Today I wake up till the time. I just eat something light
and gone to other town. I served more books. I came back
home town and left remaining books and went to uptown.
I mistake the way and late to lecture. I got rain and walked
much. But to be a volunteer in a revolutionary project of
internet access to miserable of downtown I'd gone through.
Because I know how commercial internet is not necessary
to people just for companies. I watch what was left of
lecture. I gave some business cards. The building was in
Park of big city in uptown. To go home I was lost seeing
only trees. Difficult to find the exit. Some doorman of
parking insinuated I was a thief because I was turning
around the building that one I had just gone out. Not
true he said worst things. I just replied him "you have not
imagination to think it. Did you know what is happening?"
I told him "you are saying what you've wanted to be"
oh yeah in my country there is two ways to say it
one is "you'd wanted it be" but in my language the two are
one. He was not intelligent to agree I was kidding him
in a crude revenge. But his friend noticed it and did a
face of "they will fight right now oh my". I think now
he was the real guilt of terrible mistaken. May he said
worst thinks to few intelligent doorman and he agreed and
agressed me by words and with malicious smile. I never will
cut my hair again. People in my country are much envious and
doesn't respect primitives rights of human being or animal
rights. I'm so tired today. But I'm so strong as my beloved
Petcat. It would never give up. I remember when some tought
beated it with some metal bar and it came to me after days
weak but return to me.
I'm missing days with the wraith I could solve anything. Now
I learn to have more refinate feelings as sorrow and
Or it or be alone and make friends felt abandoned or reject.
What will be the next worst thing would happen today?
I won't give up I have the advantage of get thought less and
support better the pain. And important I know the difference
between to be good and to be tough. Good people avoid to
tough things to get good things. The foes want good things
do worst things to get.