Fallen from grace

One day at a time...
2001-10-20 23:24:04 (UTC)

just me

Everybody out here is going to Brogan's tonight. Not me.
I'm staying home. For once I won't be the outsider in my
own house and yard because there won't be anyone here.
Geez I hate that...I go outside and I get weird looks as if
I don't belong from people I don't even know. Somedays I
just feel like shouting back "Hey! I live here...you
I spent the night at Ashley's house last night. For any
one who may be concerned: don't give her apple juice! She
gets really wound up. But, it was still fun. Alexa is so
cute! We spent half the night singing to her so she
wouldn't cry. We sang just about every choir song we could
remember...and now I have La Loo La Low stuck in my head.
Oh well.
Grr. So many thoughts and feelings are running through my
head right now but I never write them. Hmm. I dunno...I'm
acting weird I know...I'm PMSing right now from what I'm
told. My ear is getting infected again...I can't hear out
of it. But I shouldn't whine. That's all I ever do and I
have to learn to suck it up and deal with it. Yeah,
right. Like that'll ever happen. Oh well.