What Would YOU Do With a Drunken Sailor?
2001-10-20 23:16:06 (UTC)

People I never want to see/talk to/hear about ever again Part VI

Rudy Tonkavich. (I probably spelled that wrong, and knowing
that he'd hate that, I'm going to leave it that way) He's
in my Social Studies class. He's constantly asking for
extra credit, and he doesn't even do all that well in the
regular class. And he's way too eager to learn. He asks
stuff that comes in chapter twelve, and we're only in
chapter three. A wanna-be teacher's pet. Maybe we should
lock him in a cage, LOL.

Update! He was absent for three weeks straight, hallelujah. but when
he came back, he didn't want to do ANYTHING. Except he still asks too
many questions. Mr. Jeans has to practically babysit him, and it
distracts the rest of the class when WE'RE trying to work. Dammit.