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2001-10-20 22:43:09 (UTC)


Sex story “Air Force Holds So Many Benefits”

Nighttime always seemed so lonely and quiet. All Katie
could do was sigh and pretend that she didn’t crave the
feel on another person’s body next to hers. Since she
joined the Air Force 5 weeks ago she had become so used to
being alone that it was scaring her. She wanted some one to
share her sheets with. Some random nights she would find
herself thinking of her trainer Jarod. Jarod was her
assigned trainer for her basic training period. He was a
tall built, yet skinny, handsome…no sexy man who taught her
everything, From fighting to studying, he was always there.
Jarod was a lean 6’1, red hair, and intense eyes. That and
he had the most amazing tight ass. Several times with doing
physical training she had gotten a nice look or even a grab
at it. That left her with wild, sweaty dreams, leaving her
waking craving him in ways she should not be thinking of.
Let alone dreaming of. If it wasn’t that he was a higher
rank than her and if she wasn’t even in the military she
would have so gone for him long ago. But she didn’t even
bother to consider it to ever happen. There was little
point in trying to sleep now, given she had to be ready
soon anyway. Yet Katie didn’t move from her bed, but just
rolled over.
Jarod was starting to regret volunteering to train Katie.
The first time he saw her she was moving into her barracks
room. He had thought to himself that maybe, just maybe she
was just moving rooms and that she wasn’t a new recruit.
They had locked eyes and just watched each other. He had
noticed her look him down and lick her lips. That very
action caused him to get hard. Got she was beautiful. She
had a perfect curved body. A nice average 5’8’’ 135lbs,
perky big 38 d tits, and amazing luscious lips. He had
wanted her at first site. Then it killed him to walk away
only to see her at training camp. Sweet god she actually
looked good in uniform. When they had asked for a trainer
Jarod had no idea why he nearly jumped out and screamed he
would. Katie just blushed, hiding it well, and smiled. As
he walked to her room he couldn’t help but think of her. He
wanted to kick himself for it, but it was so hard not to
want to touch her, to feel her skin. Her skin…it was so
soft, so smooth. Even for being in cold, harsh winds, and
being beat on it remand smooth and soft as ever. He knocker
on her door, but no answer. He chanced it and opened the
door. Sweet god she was sleeping. She looked so peaceful,
so happy. When he was about to walk out and knock louder he
heard her moan his name, “Jarrroddd ohhh yess please
mmmooorrreee I want you!!! JARRRRODDDDDDD!!!” Jarod nearly
fell over in shock. She was dreaming of him. Better yet she
was moaning HIS name! Shit he nearly creamed in his own
pants. He ran out her door, letting it slam shut. Knowing
it would wake her. Oh god I need to breathe, was all Jarod
could think about. Jarod gathered himself and got in the
prissy Air Force trainer mood. He knocked loud and hard
once on her door. She opened the door and continued to tuck
in her shirt.
“I’m so sorry Sir. I must have let myself go to a sleep
again.”, Katie apologized. She let herself dream about him
again. This one had shaken her to the core. It was so
intense and powerful. It was still shaking her.
“Its fine. Lets just get to the books.”, Jarod ordered. He
sat down on the bed and pushed open two books as Katie went
to get hers. He started telling her the pages to read and
that she should do pages….

It was two hours later that Jarod started realizing his
back was killing him. Katie noticed it and asked if he
needed a break for a while, or at least a massage. “A
massage would be great, but I will go over the facts for
you and listen to me cause I won’t repeat them.”, Jarod
replied. Katie nearly winced at how he yelled it at her.
Jarod wanted to punch himself when he saw her wince. Katie
got behind him on her knees and started rubbing his neck
hard getting the knocks out. Jarod almost couldn’t read
cause it felt so good. At one point he even moaned, ”Oh
yeah. That feels so good.” Katie started down his back and
smiled cause she was actually touching him and pleasing
him. Not touching him and hurting him. She wanted to kiss
his neck and bite his ear, she caught herself several times
leaning in to do just that, but she knew she just couldn’t
do that. She continued working his back, noticing that he
had stopped reading and actually had his eyes closed. She
smiled to herself and then leaned over his shoulder and
pointed to a picture that she didn’t remember. “Which is
that one? New version of the F-150?”, Katie asked trying to
get things back to normal… as much as possible. She had
moved her hands down to his chest and before he responded
to her questions he grabbed her hands and held hers with
his. “No that’s a new plane all together. Hasn’t been
through test flights yet, so it’s not mandatory to know.”
She was going to stop when he turned to her and put his
hand on her face and kissed her. Sweet god, where did that
come from???!!! She wasn’t about to stop him since he
started it and this might be the only chance she had. Katie
kissed him back, hard, long, and passionate. She ran her
hands through his hair and down his back, pulling him
closer to her. Katie took it another step and wrapped her
legs around him, straddling him. They never stopped teasing
each other. His tongue was wiggling and teasing her
sensations. His hands were all over her now. Rubbing her
breasts through her shirt. Grabbing and pinching. Katie had
her hand down his pants and rubbing his cock slowly, while
the other pressed his lips harder against her. Their lips
unlocked when Jarod shoved his hand down her pants and
rubbed her clit hard and fast. Katie threw her head back
and moaned his name, “JJJJJJJJAAAARODDDDDDDD!!!” Katie
raised her hips up and began thrusting with Jarod’s
fingers. She stopped rubbing his cock to pull her pants
down farther. When Jarod rammed her harder and harder she
finally climaxed. She sat there a while and breathed
slowly. Katie smiled and got up removing her pants, her
shirt and her bra. Katie hadn’t time to put on panties this
morning as it was. Katie walked up to Jarod slowly, taking
his hands and putting them on her breasts. He got the idea
and started licking and sucking on he nipples in no time.
Rubbing and pulling at her nipples, was causing Katie to
scream for more. Jarod was going crazy. His cock was
throbbing beyond control. He wanted her pussy so much. He
pushed her to the ground, surprising her. He ripped his own
cloths off and kissed his way down her neck, making sure to
suck on both tits before continuing down to her pussy. He
licked her thighs and rubbed her pussy lips slowly, teasing
her. Katie moaned softly and begged for his fingers, his
tongue, and his cock. He complied and thrust his fingers
into her dripping pussy yet again. She was so wet that
Jarod couldn’t help, but want to taste her. Jarod licked
her clit fast and hard; knowing it was driving her over the
edge. He rammed his tongue into her pussy again and again.
FASTER AND HARDER. Katie wiggled and screamed for his dick
over and over again just before she had another orgasmic
experience. Jarod didn’t even wait a breath before he
rammed her pussy with his nice big hard 8-inch cock. “OHHH
BABY!”, Katie moaned and begged for Jarod. Jarod took that
as a sign that he was welcome to go as fast and as hard as
he pleased. He started fucking Katie harder and harder,
suing everything he had to fuck her pussy good. Shit she
felt so good. His dick was in heaven. Loving her wet tight
pussy. It took him a few more quick hard thrusts before he
cummed into her pussy. Katie climaxed the exact time Jarod
did. Katie was lost for words, but the look she gave Jarod
proved to him that she enjoyed it just as much as he did.
Jarod took a few more deep breaths and a few slow thrusts
before pulling out and passing out next to Katie on the
“I am so glad I got to sleep with you baby. I have wanted
to get in that pussy since I saw you.”, Jarod told Katie,
his breathing still not steady. Katie turned to Jarod,
smiled and said, “Well I’m not done yet.” With that Katie
jumped on Jarod and started rubbing his cock with her
pussy, smiling. “You ready for it baby?”, Katie asked in a
husky voice. “Hell yes. God the Air Force has so many
benefits.”, Jarod said as he grabbed Katie’s ass.

Written by me

Hope you enjoyed that one. (Katie=me, Jarod=my guy)

See ya!