aris' thoughts
2001-10-20 22:37:57 (UTC)

morning after

good god what an awful day yesterday. emotionally drained,
tears by millions and no he didnt buy me anything or even
act nice to me in any way. am not going to dwell on him any
more. i will be nicer and give more attention to him and
just sit back and watch and see. well, thru my day of
emotions, the tears, crying, anger, fear all the things i
found myself feeling my Mistress was there for
helping, holding, loving and guiding Her girl thru it all.
yes i am extremely lucky for being Hers. this entry is a
rush job cause he is in kitchen eating dinner now and he
hates me on puter. T had his kickoff today for St Judes and
i am very proud he lsted the entire hour racking up 1680
kicks within the time. he raised a lil over 500 for st
Judes. Beck is good she is excited about her costume that
we went to get after T was done today. She stayed at the
Dojo all day to support her brother which was nice and kind
of surprising also. bob is home as i said, not sure how he
really is cause i have not really talked to him yet. but
tonight is a Devils night and he may or may not stay up to
watch the game with me. well, i hope to spend one night
this week with him alone, maybe we will go for dinner
afterall who knows. am going to cut this off here, i am
smiling today and feel its mostly due to my Mistress. She
is so good to me...i know this and i am thankful.