What Would YOU Do With a Drunken Sailor?
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2001-10-20 22:34:45 (UTC)

People I never want to see/talk to/hear about ever again Part IV

4. Crystal Alamo. She's on my soccer team, a newbie. And it's
painfully obvious. She plays halfback because she's not any good at
defense or offense. But she still drops back in games. I play right
behind her as fullback, and I have to yell every 3 minutes
or so 'Crystal, scoot UP!' Phil, my coach, has talked to
her, but she obviously has some sort of brain malfunction
that keeps her from remembering anything told to her within
the past three seconds.
That applies to pracice as well. 'Crystal,' I say, 'dribble
through the cones.'
'Dribble through cones?' she repeats. Did I STUTTER? Did I
not speak in English? Ugh.

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