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2001-10-20 22:30:04 (UTC)

My True Confession (Part5 of 7)

I love you both my man and you. I can’t have “you” as just
a friend.
You’ve always told me not right now. But as hard as I try I
can’t let you go.
But the two of you are best friends.

I’ll always love you, I’ve never felt this was about anyone
Every since we where little, I always felt it, even before
we ever talked, I felt it then, I feel it now, I’ll feel it

You are the one I was never with, The one I can’t get over
It’s in your eyes, even in your pictures I still see it

Today I watched you, I saw you in the reflection of the bus
camara.I saw you look at me I couldn’t help but smile

I know we could never be together, all we’d ever do is
fuss. Still I have a longing of wanting your touch.

I’ll be a friend and let you be. I’ll stay with my man,
he’s my life and my love. But Brandon that don’t and wont ever
compare, there will always be at least one tear, because
unlike him you’re the “love of my life”

I love you with all my heart always - You know this

Written By Ashley N. McCoy 9~19~01