What Would YOU Do With a Drunken Sailor?
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2001-10-20 22:22:25 (UTC)

People I never want to see/talk to/hear about ever again Part II

2. Kathryn Porter, Sharon's best friend. Just as self-righteous, just
as Christian, and just as giggly. But not as smart. Sharon I
can hold an intelligent conversation with. (Though I don't know why
I'd WANT to). If you try to talk with Kathryn, her responses
will consist solely of grunts, shrugs, and giggles.
And she's clingy, too. Before she wouldn't leave Sharon's
side, but recently she's started clinging to Sasha, who's
in her (and my) PE class. Sasha's really nice, so she can't
tell Kathryn to shove off, but she's also in my math
class, and we talk. She told me how annoying she thinks
Kathyrn is, and I have to agree.
Kathryn also pees her pants. I'm serious. We're in junior
high now, and she still pisses herself like a baby. It's
disgusting. Every day she wears this yellow sweater, and if
she pisses herself she ties it around her waist. One time
last year I went up to her and innocently inquired 'Why do
you always wear that?'
Her: *shrug*
Me: I mean, it's a nice day out today. Must be almost 80.
Her: *grunt*
Not much progress. I was trying to coax a confession out of
her, but all I got were some stupid non-answers.