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2001-10-20 22:10:12 (UTC)

Entry 2

Well, last night was pretty fun. I love going out w/ new
people and having nothing but fun with them. I went out w/
my friend, Casey, from my old job. We went to East Lansing
(MSU) to visit her brother, and i met some totally
incredible people. Her brother was awesome. He was funny,
cool, good looking...he was super fun to hang out w/. I met
a guy named Jim, and he was really really fun. Ed's
(Casey's bro.) apt. was sooo hot, so Jim took off his
shirt, and revealed one of the best bodies i have ever seen
in my was flawless. I was trying not to
gawk...but wow. Well, everyone went to bed, and me and jim
stayed out in the living room, and even though i was
excited to be alone w/ him...due to past circumstances, i
did not want to be in a position where i had to fight him
off of me so that he wouldn't try to do anyways. we
were laying on the couch, and he was cuddling me, and he is
a lot bigger than me...and i felt so small to him. I loved
it. We cuddled and talked for a while, and then he kissed
me. It wasn't like a hard core "i'm gonna fuck her in about
2 minutes" was a very sweet kiss. I was
just a great night. he didn't leave until around was
so late when i got to bed. but i had so much fun. i loved
it. but, i am gonna get going.