2001-10-20 21:41:51 (UTC)

sizzlin sat

w0w so i havent updated inna hot minute...
i've just been so caught up havin a great time...
i's like my weekend started last weekend!!!

ok so 10/12 the usual kareoke ish got home round 2:30 am
only 2 get up @ 9am pick up Cdawg and catch the train out
to philly to meet adrok n his lil sis.
our plans were 2 go to edgar allen poes house and then to
lehigh univ. in bethelehem PA 2 C tag ur it with the souls.
depending on how u look @ it we accomplised all or nothing.
the last tour was @ 4 and our train got in quarter to so
ad took his sis, and said he would pick us up after. ok no
prob. we had an hour to kill and u know me, spontanous
decisions, we hopped the sub n a path to get there by the
time he got out. so we get off like 4 stops early try to
find a bus but just take a taxi... getting there exactly 4
min after ad had left according to the tour guides.
conclusion: got to the parking lot
adz not that dumb, i knew he'd call. yep he did, from the
train station l0l! "ad ur gonna kill me", "why?" "well uh
were @ poes house" "WHAT ur where!!!, i'll be right there"
after he rescued us we went to south street and got some
cheeeese steakss! yummmm!!! ad bought me 2 pairs of leopard
print socks! n Cdawg got a bracelet @ zipperhead.
so we take lil sis n cBABY home to proceed to the show.
we got up there with record time, only not able to find
wich campus!
conclusion: u guessed it- PARKING LOT
ok so never trust me with a map, i mean i have better
sense of direction then say my mother- but as jared learned
many moons ago while trying to get to a show in philly--my
navagation skills took us to delaware,,,u get the point.
so we are totally outta our way trying to get back home
when i get a call from S. he was chillin with JB gettin
some drinkage! he said they were gona pull an all niter so
for us to pass by when we found civilization- wich we did.
oh man did we get our drink on- on S deck. ad was tired so
stayed sober.
bout 2:30-3:30 am decided we wanted some jcuzi action! so
ad drove to mi casa. JB hurt his ass :-( ad went to nap in
my bed. st0 passed by bout 4. thank g0sh i brought my cell
outside cause the light started blinking round 5ish. i
called ad, wasnt him! so i told the guys to hide! ad came
out n 2 min later my dad! OMG! he hasnt met S & JB yet so
its not like i could be like oh just the regulars, cause
sto had long gone. they are hiding behind the fence/ under
the table, and i forget what i talked to my dad about only
remeber he told me to turn on the hose n JB was makin
noise. dropped his pager and said made eye contact with my
dad- SHADY! haha.
so we pile up in adz car and take the guys back- they
ended up havin 'dinner' @ the scotchwood all 7am and such.
ad brought me back and started home, to catch work. he told
me he threw up while at a rest stop changing his cd! PUSSY
u didnt even drink!
sunday when i finally got up, sto took me to pick my car
up @ the train station. i went to S house and we went up to
JBz school- william patterson to cause some havoc n shoot
pool. we were all beat!
mon- passed by to see germ daddy whoz home 4 the week!
tues 10/16- the usual spot. wrecked S at straight n 9
ball. lol *mwah* erika chilled for a bit. "my neck hurts"
thurs 10/18- went to the mall after school n work w/S n
JB. st0 punked out hadda go into work. my boy @ the vanz
store tottally hooked us up! i got 4 pairs n a sweater!
hehe thanx baby!!! after that met up with Cdawg n chicas @
t-1! got a little hit,danced... left ...hehe ...xoxo ...home
fri- last nite!!! after school n work n a nap! S n JB
came over we picked up Danny and met Cdawg n Frankie @ 640!
it was alot of fun!!! they made me do my angry song! n S
had some comp with the chickie who brought me a drink 2
weekends ago. after that we dropped hornyD off n came back
2 S house where we crashed.
this morning- finally get up l0l. let JB sleep... decide
to make some Breakfast all almost 3pm! so we run out to get
some milk and theres like these firefighter guys collecting
change... so i was nice to the first guy and dunked it, but
then just chucked it at some older guys HAHA!! we get back
make pancakes, french toast n scrambled eggs, i cooked 4 S
mom, just met the lady! lol we wake JB up and piggg da
fizznuck out!
but yea S had to go to work n JB back to school n now im
home here! ill prob chill with C-lo 2nite n germ cause he's
goin back 2 oky 2 morrow! ill write... peace!

"this 1 goes out 2 the kidz who drove 6 hrs n a stolen car
n missed the show!"

~º°®eN°º ~

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