listen to my silences
2001-10-20 21:22:05 (UTC)


work was actually cool today. we were really busy
(understatement of the year), and i never stopped doing
things, but i was in an extremely good mood so it was kinda
fun. i trained a guy on sales floor. attempted to
anyways. most people are really shy and think i'm weird
(no argument there) and won't talk to me, but he's not
afraid of me. maybe cause i trained him on register too.
i don't know. i worked electronics a lot today, and i
actually knew what i was doing. i also worked jewelry, but
i didn't have to do anything. brian was there...

brian was in a really weird mood. he was depressed. the
words brian and depressed don't go together. they
shouldn't anyways. so of course we talked about what was
going on. and we're gonna go do something tonight. should
be very cool. if dad will let me go. i don't know what
we're gonna do, so he may say i can't go. which would suck
majorly. i'm waiting for brian to call me back and let me
know what's up. if he doesn't...well...i hope i can still
go. i'm supposed to call him when i am done teaching my
preschoolers. speaking of, i gotta jet and get my lesson

final thought: if this is what he wants, and it's what she
wants, then why's there so much pain?