Kaycee's Personal Thoughts
2001-03-11 06:28:39 (UTC)

Well, Alot has sure happened...

Alot has sure happened. My ex best friend refuses to leave
me alone,and she is destroying my "relations" with other
people...including a guy that I'm head over heels for. God
please make her stop. Could she be any more of a Bitc*?
Lol, besides that...I've been struggling with school and
trying to keep up my GPA. I'm not doing so well in the
easiest class I have..because I'm timid and I refuse to do
what makes me uncomfortable. Oh well, I know I will
pass...I do every year. I have certainly changed in the
past few months. I have been saved...and it has defenitly
changed my life. Sometimes I get sad about what's on the
outside of me. And I have learned a valuable lesson...If
people can't accept you for who you are then they aren't
worth your time or struggle. Luckly is someone, a very dear
friend of mine that accepts me for ME. Not for what's on
the outside. He is great. Well I'm off to bed. Maybe I'll
have another genius Idea before I drift off to sleep like I
usually do :)