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2001-10-20 20:55:25 (UTC)

*october 20 - kyle*

everything good in your life will at one point leave. its
true for all things, and it goes double for friends. but
the worst part is when they have to leave sooner than you
expected, which is the case with kyle. i dont see him very
much as it is...actually i havent seen him since august.
but now hes moving to new jersey, and i doubt ill even see
him again after that. he asked me out for next weekend, to
go to the movies. im really excited, but i hope my plans
dont get smashed, because saturdays traceys party and i
dont want to miss that. so what if he cant go friday? im
completely obsessing, sorries. but i like him so much, i
want to spend as much time with him as i can. i wonder if
tracey would let him go to her party? that would be beyond
great. but i wouldnt want to get her in trouble, shes
already above her limit of guests. plus...i dont even know
if kyle would want to go, cuz its a costume party. i really
hope i can get my costume tomorrow w/ jelysa, and i hope i
have enought money..

well, bye!


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