a poetic Heartº
2001-10-20 20:52:00 (UTC)

Cause I Care That Much (Part 1of 7)

Why does this have to happen
Why does this hurt so bad
Do you not care at all
For making me feel so sad

Sometimes I think you hate me
Your words just come out so cruel
I hang my head in shame
As I pass you during school

You where the love of my life
But you never understood me
I tried my hardest to show
But I just couldn’t make you see

I never got to call you mine
That doesn’t matter anymore
Our friendship is all that matters
But now your letting it slip out the door

Now I have to let you go
I dont have a choice
If you listen really close
You can hear, the tears in my voice

So I guess this is goodbye
Friendship and all
We’ll throw away all these months
And I wont even call

I don’t know why I’m doing this
But then again I do
In doing this so you can be happy
Cause I care that much for you

Written By Ashley N McCoy 9~3~01