The life of a hellraiser
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2001-10-20 20:41:04 (UTC)

A funny thing happened to me on the way to my 2nd period class the other day...

Well, I had a pretty good day yesterday, actually I had a
pretty good day yesterday up for until my sister came home
from the football game against Penns Grove last night that
is. Andrew wasn't in school yesterday, however Mario ended
up going to school yesterday but he signed out at the end
of 5th period. Why they did, I don't know and I don't care,
plus I don't even want to know because it's none of my
business and unlike Leah Kaithern, I don't need to know
what they are doing every day 24/7/365 so I can just come
out to their house and see them. Nor do I always sign on
the internet and get access to aol IM to have a chat with
Andrew and Mario every night. Here's something you might
need that's missing from your personality,Leah; It's called
getting a life. I have a life and I don't even waste my
time chasing after those two because it's pathetic. What's
worse is that she's always trying to set them up with a
girl she meets over the internet. Ugh!!!! Andrew isn't that
much better when it comes to Mario and dating. He's forever
trying to set him up with his younger cousin, Dina
Mendolia. I have nothing against her, but why waste your
time trying to set him up with somebody he doesn't know
that well when he can be free to do what he chooses when it
comes to his love life? Plus, she's always trying to follow
him wherever he goes, talking to him to keep him away from
me and I am really about ready to tell her to leave him the
fuck alone and let me talk to him if I want to. You don't
own him so just let him have his space,k? It's almost like
pulling teeth just to try to talk to him on my own time
without Leah being there. She has to sit by him or across
from him in a group of desks in my third period music
appreciation class and apparently Andrew should make his
own decisions, he's big enough now to do that and shouldn't
have Leah doing it for him. However, if I talk to Andrew
about it, I'm basically telling him what to do as well, so
I'll just make sure that I am making myself clear when I
tell him what I see when Leah's hanging around him, that
what he does after I give him my two cents on this is his
own decision and neither I nor Leah are going to influence
it. Mario, however, isn't as bad as Andrew though, but he
can be at times.
Sorry I went a little off topic there, but it does sort
of have something to do with the rest of this entry. Now
going back to my pretty good day at school. It started out
all right, but near the end of first period, the contact
lens in my right eye fell out and I had to end up carrying
it in my hand all the way into the library where I signed
in for my study hall and got a referral slip to the nurse's
office to go down there and put it back in. Yesterday was
Vinny Bowe's birthday. He turned 18, so that would mean
that he was born on October 19, 1983. So I'm only about 13
and a half months (or 1 year and 1 1/2 months old)older
than he is. Mario turns 18 in March (what he's told me),
making him being born in March of 1984, making me a year
and a half older than he is. Anyway, Devon Hemsley and
Gabrielle Ercolani were back in school, so Andrew and/or
Leah will probably tell me to move someplace else. I'll be
ready to fight that injustice(if it's coming from Leah,
it's an injustice because she could move as well, but it
would be a heartache for the poor, pathetic soul because
she can't talk to Andrew or be near him). Since Andrew
wasn't in school, Devon sat where he sat and I sat where
Mario sat normally. However, Mario asked me to move, and I
did, but I was wondering why he couldn't sit where I
normally sat because Leah could talk to him for the whole
damn period. Oh well. This week has just about come to a
close and I can't believe that I've managed to get over
this whole thing between me and Ben. I just hope that this
thing with him and Colleen takes its course so everything
can go back to normal, only I won't be pining after Ben
this time. I said hi to him when I was headed back to my
sixth period class and he just got back from doing
something. And he just nods his head in
acknowledgement!!! :) This is a very good sign for me,
meaning that he's starting to get over this fallout. I
still don't know if I'm ready to talk to him yet or not,
but I'm determined to become friends with him again and I'm
going to leave it at that. We had a pep rally 9th period
for the homecoming game. Dave Foote is the homecoming king.
I didn't vote for him, I voted for Geoff Gleason because I
thought he would be good enough to fit the title. Nothing
against Dave, however. I hope Michelle Haney is the
Homecoming Queen because I voted for her. Everbody was
saying that Dave Foote's girlfriend of 2 years, Kari
Williams, was going to win the title of Homecoming Queen. I
hate to say this, but I'm glad Ben didn't win the title of
King because Colleen would have probably run up to him and
gave him a hug. UGH!!!!
However, my pretty good day got worse after Katie and dad
came home from the game. We Won finally. But after I got
out of the shower, Katie was trying to go in to the
bathroom and wash her face. Did she care that I was still
in there and decide to wait for until I was decent to go in
to the bathroom? Hell no! She tried to open the door and I
told her to wait her turn and to shut up. Then she dropped
the bomb. I ain't talking about your run of the mill bomb,
I'm talking about the A-bomb. She told me that Leah
Kaithern told her that I was stalking her friend (Andrew
Mendolia). My sister usually wouldn't believe that kind of
bullshit being passed around about me at school. She's a
smart person, however, that did not hold true then. She was
stupid enough to believe what Leah said. Excuse me for a
second but Leah seemed to have it backwards. SHE is the one
stalking "her friend" , not me. I vehemently told Katie
that it was a boldfaced lie and that Leah needed to get a
fucking life. Leah had also told her not to tell me she
said that. Again, Katie was the one stupid enough to tell
me of course, now she's telling me not to tell Leah that
she told me about it. Hold the phone ,man. First off, Katie
if she told you not to tell me in the first place, why the
hell did you all of a sudden decide to tell me? Answer that
for me, Einstein. I got pissed because I have told Katie
time and time again throughout the summer not to worry
about what other people think of you or what they think of
me for that matter. They're just a bunch of lies being
spread around by a bunch of people who don't know you and
they're trying to label them. DO WHAT PLEASES YOU ONLY AND
NOBODY ELSE, their opinion of you doesn't matter. Your
opinion of yourself is what truly matters. You have the
right to do whatever you want to do throughout your four
years of high school regardless of what other people may
think of you and just as long as you don't get in serious
trouble for it in the longrun. I just want Leah to stop
telling lies about me and to leave my sister the hell
alone. I don't know if I should tell the guidance counselor
or not. I was told not to by my mother or I might get
punished for any of my "repercussions" that may hurt Katie.
The only way they'll hurt Katie is if she lets them hurt
her, she's too busy being anal retentive about this whole
thing that she doesn't know that if she's worried about
what Leah might do to her if she finds out that she told
me, she simply should've used common sense and chosen not
to tell me. I probably will talk to Mrs.Lombardo about this
whether I get punished for this or not, but I will have her
call down Katie before she calls Leah down to explain this
whole thing. I'll be down there when she's called down,
demanding to know why she told my sister that I
was "stalking" her friend, from there Mrs. Lombardo will
take care of it. If I get punished for this, oh well, but
believe me when I say that I was only thinking about how
Katie was feeling about this whole rumor thing and I hate
to see her grades go down because of worrying over this
whole thing. What do you want me to do, I normally don't
care what people think of me, but I draw the line when it
comes to making people out to be someone they really aren't
just out of jealousy. That's when I will not take this kind
of problem lying down. I have to take a stand for this kind
of invisible injustice to make it known to the
administrators that something needs to be done to curb
this, not exterminate the invisible injustice because it
cannot be exterminated for good. I just want them to do
something about it if they are ever aware that it is going
on. Katie shouldn't have to worry about what I do, she
ain't my mother, I don't worry about what she does and how
it could affect me. It's her life. Just leave me the hell
alone Katie. I'm still going to homecoming, alone, tonight.
I don't expect Ben to dance with me,though. If he does,
I'll be surprised. Surprised but happy. Well, I gotta go

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