What's up now?
2001-10-20 19:57:05 (UTC)

In the midst of some fun...

Its Saturday!!! Courtney was here last night. I never
realize how much fun I have doing nothing at school until I
have someone else here visiting. I mean I can see that
they are probably not content with the nothingness that we
think is fun, but I guess when you go someplace you expect
to have an amazingly good time. But she seemed alright.
We had a good time just hanging out :) We went to the
Embers(a really posh restaraunt in town) and got cheesecake
to go :) It was absolutly amazing!! YUM! Brian comes
today!!! I know he wouldnt care if we did absolutly
nothing all night, and I would be content as well. But he
is making the trek up, so I have a little something
planned. Not much but we are going to go see his friend
Sarah, and then maybe go to a party, IF there are some
going on. I feel bad I didnt take courtney to either of
the 2 we were invited to...but I had to get up at 6 and I wasnt exactly in the mood. Anyways I am super
excited Brian is FINALLY coming up. I cant wait for people
to meet him!! I mean I talk about him, so yea! Also I
just cant wait to get a big hug :) I miss him!!! Alright,
time for serindipity :) Its Sweetest day, and no, I am not
spending it alone as I once thought :)