Crazy life.....Crazy girl
2001-03-11 06:11:28 (UTC)

Alrighty, i have so much to say..

Alrighty, i have so much to say its not even funny!
yesterday was our first golf tournament and boy did it feel
great to be out on the course again. I had a lot of fun and
shot one of my personal best rounds, so it was all in all a
good day. Today however, i went to work at 10:00 AM for a
stupid staff meeting at work, and then i had to stay at
work afterwards and actually WORK....Then i didn't get off
work until 10:30 PM...Yeah, that sucked in case you are
wondering...But, it was pretty fun becuase i worked with
Justin all night, and we kinda flirted alllllll night long!
I gave him a piggy-back ride all the way up the street
(which almost killed me!) then we just goofed around all
night. It was LOADS of fun.
Well, on to a not so fun subject...I'm working on getting
essays done for college scholarships, and my Mom has
officially grounded me until i get them done..HELLO!?!?!?
AM I TWO YEARS OLD AGAIN? I can't remember the last time i
was grounded...
Anyways, i need some sleep now before i pass out on the
keyboard! *peace*